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Welcome to 360 Gearboxes & Diffs

360 Gearboxes & Diffs is the largest dedicated Manual Gearbox workshop in Australia for cars, stocking over 1,000 gearboxes. We provide MANUAL Gearbox Repairs & reconditioning as well as Differential & Transfer repairs for Trucks, Cars, 4WDs, Buses & Commercials, stocking a wide range changeover units.

We do NOT sell secondhand units nor touch or service automatic transmissions. All of our units are reconditioned or brand new. We also have a fitting service so can offer a drive in/drive out service.

We have re-built thousands of gearboxes, transfers and differentials so are experts in our field. Our diagnosis of faults is exceptional given this is what we do every day. We have designed various solutions in-house to strengthen and lengthen the lifespan of gearboxes and are the original designers of the TOWPACK® series which comes with up to a 24mth unlimited kilometre warranty.

Do not waste your time with copycats or suppliers who won’t provide an OEM equivalent warranty (12 mths). A 3-month warranty for a supposed “reconditioned” item is a joke!

Quality of workmanship is of utmost importance to us and we strive for perfection. We only use top quality parts and do the job properly, building our products to last. We are more interested in quality repairs, customer satisfaction and upholding our reputation in the market than in making a quick buck.

All of our items are fully disassembled, hotwashed and inspected to ensure they are in rebuildable condition. We do NOT weld shafts together, nor reuse worn, secondhand parts. All parts which need replacing are replaced with high quality new or upgraded parts, and our prices match the quality of the item we supply.

We have a large team and are fully insured so spend your money only once on a longer lasting unit, rather than a cheapie which may leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere! With our combined knowledge and experience we know the weaknesses across different makes and models making us best placed to rebuild your gearbox.

We cover gearboxes for all makes & models of cars and stock a large range of Truck Gearboxes for Hino, Isuzu, Iveco, Fuso, Mazda, Nissan UD and Toyota.

Give us a go and you will see the benefit of dealing with a quality-driven business who works to ensure that you will return for further business.

our history

Brian McLellan started 360 Gearboxes & Diffs Pty Ltd in 2006, determined to build his business based on honesty, integrity and quality.

The trade sought Brian out for his analytical approach to problem solving and soon it was clear he needed someone to run the business whilst he concentrated on rebuilding and Research & Development.

Brian’s wife Jacqui joined 360 in 2008 and it was evident very quickly that this was a positive move……the Business grew so fast that by 2011 they moved to a larger workshop.

In May 2012, 360 acquired Japanese Gearbox Wholesalers. They did not stop there, later purchasing All Wheel Drive Gearbox Reconditioners in Malvern, making 360 the largest dedicated manual gearbox car workshop in Australia.

2017 saw 360 experience a 40% growth which required yet another move into a larger premises in January 2019.

Brian has designed a number of proprietary TOWPACK® upgrades for over 40 types of Gearboxes. These designs have been trademarked and registered so that you can be confident you are dealing with the original designer and not copycats. 360 Gearboxes & Diffs are the LEADERS & EXPERTS in their field.


Have had our old club sport VX diff, truck gearbox and now a diff in my Pajero. These guys are just fantastic with both communication and the work they do. Jackie is the best. She knows her product and how to treat people. I recommend these guys to everyone.

Rob P

Genuinely the best in the business.

David Pomfret

The staff there will look after you with your gearboxes & diffs.

Eva Jurrjens

Great experience thanks guys.

Liz Walters

I brought a Triton ML 5 speed last week. Receive nothing but excellent service. They were very helpful with there information and on the day of pick up were very helpful as the driver who was picking up the gearbox was running late. My mechanic rang up for some information and once again very helpful. I read the reviews before i purchased and i can agree with 360 gearbox as i work in the automotive trade to, unfortunately there are some dodgy people in the trade but as a whole we and good at what we do. As long as you follow 360 gearboxes instructions and replace the components correctly i don’t see why you should have a problem. Thank you once again for your help.

Gareth Skinner

Really good service, was able to make time for a urgent job and lovely staff. Drives like a dream now. Thank you.

Richard Domeyer