Introducing CryoTuff™

Gearboxes are being more challenged with owners loading their work or touring vehicles by towing and/or heavy toolboxes, combined with after-market engine upgrades & accessories … and then there’s those running extra boost and torque!

We had been quoted between $25-$30k for a racing Toyota gearset to be manufactured, so Brian was determined to find a solution that could take our gearboxes to the next level, at a more affordable price.

After research, development and testing we found the perfect solution to meet Australian needs!  We were able to secure a Cryogenic Processing machine which was used to strengthen space parts for NASA!   Yes, that’s right – if its good enough for NASA, its good enough for 360!!   This machine not only freezes metal to -300°F, but then heats it through an electronically controlled tempering process to +300°F.   This will take our Gearboxes & Diffs to a level you could only dream of!

What is so special about our machine?

To relieve internal stresses, our machine processes metal through both “hot” and “cold” temperatures during a process lasting up to 72 hours.  This process is completely computer-controlled to within 1 degree Fahrenheit throughout the entire cycle.  Initially, the metal is “soaked” at -300°F for at least 24 hours, and then is slowly brought up through elevated tempering cycles to +300°F.  The Deep Cryogenic Processor is a dry process, so no liquid comes in contact with the metal.  The automated “attention to detail” throughout this process eliminates the chance of thermal shock and micro-cracking.   CRYO Stress Relief permanently refines the structure of metal at the molecular level and thermal cycling produces a stabilised steel structure.  The manufacturer of the machine boasts of irreversible treatment which lasts for the life of the item and improves the entire structure, not just the surface.  This gives you unmatched improvement over any other heat-treating or cold-treatment methods resulting in up to 300% longer life for 20% cost of the item.

What is the Deep Cryogenic Tempering Process?

Cryogenic treatment of metal is a cryogenic process utilising ultra-low freezing cold temperatures where vapours of nitrogen are released just above their boiling point (-320.4°F / -195.8°C) through a methodical computer controlled process invented by 300 Below, Inc.  The process is a function of temperature and time and the computer controller ensures temperatures fall and rise at the thickest part of a material in equilibrium with the ambient chamber temperature.  It introduces a triple heat tempering cycle ascending to +325°F for one hour per each cross-sectional inch of thickness.   The combination of cryogenic processing plus heat tempering is called cryogenic tempering.

What does that mean for you?

CryoTuff™ will help make your parts last longer, reduce fatigue, and endure extreme conditions so they operate at their best.  To obtain peak performance, the CryoTuff™ treatment will provide a longer lifespan for metals, aluminium, & brass, thereby reducing maintenance time and costs.

Our CryoTuffServices

We have a 20,000 ltr tank of LN2 and can process up over 500kg each run.





We can treat new and old parts such as:

  • Gearbox & Diff parts
  • Brake rotors
  • Tools
  • Engine Parts
  • Diff, axles & driveline parts
  • Basically anything metal!


Here is some more information on Cryo Tempering & Cryogenics: