Welcome to 360 Gearboxes and Diffs – NO Automatics here !

The new home of All Wheel Drive Gearbox Reconditioners is 360 Gearboxes & Diffs in Bayswater

6 The Nook, Bayswater North

360 Gearboxes & Diffs is the largest dedicated Manual Gearbox workshop in Australia, stocking over 1,000 gearboxes.  We provide MANUAL Gearbox & Differential Repairs & Reconditioning for Trucks, Cars, 4WDs, Buses & Commercials, stocking a wide range changeover units.  

We specialise in gearbox modifications and strengthening because why would we take your money if we know a standard rebuild will fail again?

We do NOT sell Second Hand units – all our units are reconditioned or brand new.  We also have a fitting service so can offer a drive in/drive out service.

Because we build over 1,000 gearboxes per year we are experts at what we do.  Our diagnosis of faults is exceptional given this is all we do every day. We have designed various solutions in-house to strengthen and lengthen the lifespan of gearboxes and we are the original designers of the TOWPACK series which come with a 24Mth Unlimited km warranty.  

Do not waste your time with a Copy Cat or a supplier who won’t provide an OEM equivalent warranty.   A 3 month Warranty is a joke.  A 12+ Mth Warranty however equals a Supplier proud to stand by their product and workmanship.  We have a large team and are fully insured so spend your money only once on a longer lasting unit, rather than a cheapie which will leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere!  

We cover all Makes & Models incl Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Ford, Holden, Hyundai, Kia, LandRover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota & Volkswagen.

We also have a large range of Truck Gearboxes for Hino, Isuzu, Iveco, Fuso, Mazda, Nissan UD and Toyota.

Our services are:

  • Strip’n’Quote Service
  • Gearbox / Diff / Clutch fitment
  • Rebuilds / Repairs
  • Changeovers Galore !
  • Modifications & Upgrades
  • Insurance/Inspection Reports
  • Diff Rebuilds and Ratio Upgrades
  • We freight Australia wide

Call 03 9729 5550 and our sales department will only be too glad to help.