Quality of workmanship is very important to us and we strive for perfection. We use top quality bearings, parts and oils because we are more interested in quality repairs and upholding our warranty than making a quick buck. We don’t just replace the one faulty bearing in your gearbox but instead fit a full bearing kit! We tell you the truth and tell it straight, and we are on 4WDTV multiple times per week so upholding our reputation is of paramount importance to us!

We only do manual transmissions, NOT automatics – What we do, is the job properly, which means we build our items to last. All our items are fully disassembled, hot washed and inspected to ensure they are in rebuildable condition. We do NOT weld shafts together, nor do we slap worn second-hand parts together but instead, all parts which commonly fail are replaced with new or upgraded parts, which is why our prices match the quality of the item we supply.

Brian has designed several proprietary TOWPACK™ upgrades to over 40 types of Gearboxes. These designs have been trademarked and registered so that you can be confident you are dealing with the original designers and not copycats – which make us the LEADERS & EXPERTS in this field.

We have a large team and with our combined knowledge and experience we are not only best placed to rebuild your gearbox but also know the weaknesses across makes and models so will always upgrade your gearbox wherever possible.

If you give us a go, you will recognise the difference of dealing with a Quality-driven business, who work to ensure the Customer will return for further business.

The trade sought Brian out for his analytical approach to problem solving and soon it was clear he needed someone to run the business whilst he concentrated on rebuilding and R & D.

His wife Jacqui with her background in IT Management & Customer Service, left her corporate IT career in 2008 just to help out for a short while, but the business grew so fast they moved to a larger premises in 2011 and then in May 2012 360 acquired Japanese Gearbox Wholesalers together with the phone numbers of Stanton Transmissions, Victoria Gearboxes, Commercial Gearboxes & The Gearbox Centre. They did not stop there, later purchasing All Wheel Drive Gearbox Reconditioners in Malvern, which made 360 the largests dedicated manual gearbox workshop in Australia.

2017 saw 360 experience a 40% growth which required yet another move into a larger premises in January 2019.
360 now stocks over 1,000 Gearboxes and Diffs, builds well over 1,200 units per year and features weekly on 4WDTV and Life Off Road on 7Mate.