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VE Powertrax Grip Pro LSD

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VE Powertrax Grip Pro LSD


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The POWERTRAX® Grip Pro is the latest design in traction adding differential technology.  It combines the smooth operation of a limited-slip differential, with the strength of a fully machined, forged steel case.

Using 3×2 spiral gear technology, the POWERTRAX® Grip Pro delivers progressive and variable traction. Based off of throttle input, you are in control of how much traction is applied. Great for use where finesse is as important as brutal traction is. On the road, in rain & snow, and on the track, Grip Pro is a winner!

The POWERTRAX® Grip Pro comes fully assembled. Because there are no friction plates, Richmond_posi2

you can use any gear oil you like, including full synthetic and racing lube. And don’t forget that there is no friction modifier additive necessary!

POWERTRAX® TRACTION SYSTEMS are the ideal solution for just about any light truck, sport utility, and muscle car on the road today. Whether you need the safety of added traction for daily commuting, recreation, work, or just so your muscle car puts power to the pavement instead of burning one wheel up, the POWERTRAX® TRACTION SYSTEMS are your answer.






Which oil should I use in my PowerTrax Geared LSD ? The LSD activates when internal gears try to separate from each other. This happens when one wheel loses traction. the pinion gears bind together until wheel spin is stopped. Any oil, including synthetics, can be used but if the gear surfaces become a little too ‘slippery’ this decreases the effectiveness of the unit. To make sure this doesn’t happen stick to standard differential oils without friction modifier additives.

Does the unit need to be run-in ? A run-in period is not strictly necessary, but with all things mechanical that have been freshly assembled a little “seating” time can be beneficial to long term durability. Often a new Crown Wheel & Pinion is installed at the same time as the LSD so the gearset run-in period allows LSD internal parts to settle in.

When does the LSD lock up? Helical gear LSD’s do not lock up. The LSD operates by slowing the slipping wheel and transferring the lost torque to the wheel with the most traction

I use my car on the street and on the strip, will the PowerTrax LSD hold up? Under normal driving conditions on the street, the operation of the PowerTrax LSD will not be engaged. You will not know it is there until you need it. In low traction conditions and racing situations the unit will apply torque to both tires reducing wheel spin to maximise drive.

How much torque/horsepower can a PowerTrax LSD cope with ? There are a lot of variables to consider when determining if a specific LSD is suitable for your application. Any rating that may be applied is just a very broad guideline. Horsepower and torque are two elements, affecting the selection, but other important factors are the Crown Wheel & Pinion ratio, weight of the car, tire height/width, the terrain and the suspension are all important things to consider. Variation in any of these elements changes the level of torque being transferred through the LSD.

Can I repair the PowerTrax LSD if I necessary ? The worm gears inside a PowerTrax LSD are maintenance free, and do not require regular service. If internal failure were ever to occur it would result in damage of the worm gear pockets. Therefore, they cannot be rebuilt.

What is the Warranty period ? The PowerTrax LSD unit is covered by warranty for 12 months & 20,000Kms against faults ar flaws in the materials or manufacturing of the unit. Warranty does not cover damage by mis-use or improper installation

What is it rated at ?The PowerTrax Grip Pro is a gear driven limited slip differential designed to be the strongest and most durable in the industry. This differential also features a forged steel case and computer designed gear profiles.  Six worm gears provide greater load carrying capacity and heat dissipation. Motive’s Jeff Belknap says that while tire size, axle, vehicle weight, and usage always play a role in power handling capability, this differential should be able to handle around 550 hp safely.