What is a TowPack™?

Our first TowPack™ started with the Hilux KZN/KUN gearboxes where we would see consistent failure of components as early as 80,000kms in vehicles carrying HEAVY toolboxes or towing.  After being falsely accused of using Chinese bearings (yeah thanks Michael!), Brian was determined to prove he was a leader in the gearbox market.  He therefore registered his designs and named them the TOWPACK™ series, applying the methodology of keeping the geartrain nice and tight whilst under load across multiple gearboxes and we now have over 40 TowPack™ gearboxes in our range!

Once we sold a few TowPack™ gearboxes to owners with increased engine power we found the TowPack™ mods were successful in lengthening the life span of their gearboxes.

This brought about the design of a 30% stronger gearset in our TowPack™ Xtreme range!

Modified/Strengthened gearboxes:

  1. Landcruiser LC70 V8 VDJ TOWPACK Overdrive (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  2. Landcruiser LC70 V8 VDJ TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  3. Landcruiser Factory Turbo 100 Series TOWPACK Overdrive (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  4. Landcruiser Factory Turbo 100 Series TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  5. Landcruiser Factory Turbo 80 Series  TOWPACK Overdrive (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  6. Landcruiser Factory Turbo 80 Series  TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  7. Landcruiser Factory Turbo 78/79 Series  TOWPACK Overdrive (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  8. Landcruiser Factory Turbo 78/79 Series TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  9. Landcruiser Non-Turbo Diesel 100 Series HZJ105 GOLD TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty) – Brand New
  10. Landcruiser Non-Turbo Diesel HZJ105 RED TowPack (12Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  11. Landcruiser 1HZ Non-Turbo Diesel HZJ76/HZJ78/HZJ79 Gold TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  12. Landcruiser 1HZ Non-Turbo Diesel HZJ76/HZJ78/HZJ79 Red  TOWPACK® (12Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  13. Landcruiser 80 Series LS V8 Spec TOWPACK (12Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  14. Landcruiser 80 Series LS V8 Spec TOWPACK OVERDRIVE (12Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  15. Hilux 3Ltr Turbo Diesel KZN/KUN Gold TOWPACK (24Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  16. Hilux 3Ltr Turbo Diesel KZN/KUN TOWPACK (12Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  17. Hilux Petrol V6 TGN/GGN TOWPACK (12Mth/Unlimited km Wty)
  18. HiAce 5 Speed (Late Series)
  19. Ford Transit VM 6 Speed
  20. Ford Courier 2.6 Ltr Petrol & 2.5 Ltr Turbo Diesel
  21. Ford Ranger 5 Speed TOWPACK
  22. Ford Ranger 6 Speed
  23. Great Wall 6 Speed
  24. Landrover 5 Speed Modified with Transfer
  25. Landrover 6 Speed
  26. Mazda BT50 5 Speed TOWPACK
  27. Mazda BT50 6 Speed
  28. Mazda Bravo/B2500/B2600 2.6 Ltr Petrol & 2.5Ltr Turbo Diesel
  29. Mitsubishi Triton ML 3.2 TD TOWPACK
  30. Mitsubishi Triton 2.5 TD TOWPACK
  31. Nissan Navara ZD30 D22
  32. Nissan Pathfinder
  33. Nissan Patrol 4.2
  34. Nissan Patrol RB30
  35. Nissan Patrol RD28
  36. Nissan Patrol 4.5 & 4.8 Petrol
  37. Nissan Patrol ZD30
  38. Nissan Patrol LS V8 Conversion
  39. Toyota Supra R154

We invest heavily in R&D to ensure our modifications will stand up to the task.  An example would be:  After 5 gearbox failures in Gturbo Diesel Performance’s race vehicle (LC70 V8 Turbo Diesel) Graeme contacted us and we offered our TowPack VDJ Gearbox for testing!   After a couple of tweaks, Graeme was delighted to finish his race without the gearbox missing a beat.   These mods are now used in our TowPack series for these gearboxes !

Here is a video of the vehicle at its best – running 840mn torque.



HZJ78-79 Tow Pack (2)HZJ78-79 Tow Pack (4)Ford Transit 6 Spd Modified

Dana 60 VDJ Land Cruiser Rear Diff Upgrade

Dana 60 Ultimate JK Wrangler Front & Rear Diff Upgrade