360 Gearboxes & Diffs Pty Ltd is proud to announce its association with 4WD TV & 4WD Pro Tips shown nationally on Channel 31,TV4ME and 7Mate.





We are passionate about quality Gearbox & Diff rebuilding but continuously see poor quality rebuilds at cheap prices, which will leave you not only stranded but also out-of-pocket because you have to do the repair more than once!  There are also backyarders sprouting up claiming they have years of experience and a whole team behind them but they can’t back up their work because they are really just a one-Man-Show with no collaborative resources.

We love to share our information with the 4WDTV Audience and show why quality rebuilds are so important and of course provide our tips along the way.  Make sure you watch the shows and LIKE our Facebook page to stay across merging trends, common faults and our modified gearboxes.

We are located in Melbourne Victoria, but don’t let our location bother you. Your Mechanic can remove your gearbox, send it to us for repair, then we send it back. We ship Australia wide with TNT or with a freighter of your choice.